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Sorry for not updating the blog but here we are. We arrived in Delhi but we didn't stay cause we met an Hare Krishna friend (ex-american) who proposed to follow him in Vrindaven (the Mecque of the Hare Krishna), very spiritual welcome. We couldn't miss the Taj Mahal, for sure, on the way to Varanasi. This town is located along the Gange river where the indians cremate their deads. We met a nice swedish guy (Chris). We started to discover the indian culture and the way they see us (big wallet). For example in Varanasi they built 4 Yogi lodge, no way to know which one is the one from the guide book. So we had to walk with the backpack under the heat, for at least 1or 2 km and of course at midday till we found the real yogi lodge.

1 : don't trust an indian driver (he's getting bakshich each time he brings you somewhere).

We had 4 nice hot days in Varanasi, ready to attack Kolkatta (our first big city). We were more than ready cause we waited 12 hours for our train to arrive (21pm till 9am, yes all night!!!). we reached Kolkatta at midnight, not the best time to look for a room. All sorted out after a good chat with some travellers on the rooftop of the hotel. We spent the whole next day discovering kolkatta, getting lost in the dusty streets, the buses and enjoying the beautiful flower market.


Take off to the Andaman Islands, landing at Port Blair. We bought the ship tickets to Havelock Island for the next morning.

Welcome to paradise...

We've done our padi diving in this beautiful place, we saw some big fish and octopus surrounded by dizzling corals. We met Sandeep, an indian from Chennai, really friendly guy. We stayed in some little bamboo hut, very cosy next to the beach for 2AUS$. We decided to stay longer, we were almost feeling like home after 2 weeks. We had our routine : wake up, swim in the lagoon, walk to the market, breakie-chai, snorkelling, laying on the beach... we also caught up with a french couple and organized dinner on the beach altogether. But it was time to leave our amazing island to discover Little Andaman and its wave. Very different scenery over there, we could see all the damage from the Tsunami (sad) but he beaches were deserted and the locals were authentic (no tourist, just us).

I found some unexpected surf and were more than happy. We only stayed 3 days cause we were scared of not being able to come back to Port Blair cause the ship doesn't run when the sea is too rough (monsoon on it's way). We spent our last 3 days in the main island and we went to chiriyatappu, tiny village but the tsunami destroyed the only guesthouse. While we were waiting for the bus, a local fisherman asked us if we wanted to sleep with him in his hut, a bit awkward but we followed our instinct and decided to check this out. It was insane, a little flotting hut between unhabited islands. Two of his friends came and they cooked a yummy local dinner (fish fry, rice, dhal...). It was perfect and they were such nice people. The night was a bit bumpy but the sunrise erased everything. We jumped in the water to check out the corals around, it was the best snorkelling we've ever done, unforgettable moment...

Back to reality, back to the main land, we miss our little paradise already. We skipped Chennai (too big) and went straight to Mamallapuram, perfect size town, we wandered around for 5 days with our friends (sandeep and the french couple), good vibes, good accomodation, we slept on the rooftop, so cool when you don't get the storm in the middle of the night (happened just once and we had to sleep in the restaurant with all the locals, very busy).  We escaped one day to Pondichery, very boring town, very disapointing. The only good thing was the low tax on alcool, so we brought back some beers for everybody.

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Et dire qu'il y en a qui se pèlents les fesses à Paris... ca me rend fou...Le plein de dépit, je vais vous dire de profiter comme des p'tits fous et pis d'oublier ceux qui sont malades comme des chiens parcequ'ici, quand ca dépasse les 14°c, c'est champagne.
Un gros bisou les zamoureux.
Je vous souhaite de continuer a vivre votre bonheur, vous le meritez bien !! qu est ce que vous etes beaux tous les 2 bien bronzés !! felicitations pour l Union, que de tout votre amour en sorte un magnifique bébé.. de vous voir comme ca m a fait monté les larmes.. je vous embrasse de tout mon coeur, prenez bien soin de vous et a bientot de se lire !! mimy
salut les louloutes, on dirait que tout va pour le mieu pour vous, ca fait grave plaisir. En tout cas, on vous fais plein de bisous et toute mes felicitations a la marier. EMIL
hello,julie and chounet
your photos are real good, and it's a real pleasure, to see how much u enjoy your trip. Hope everything will always go this way. please take care. I am  anxious to read your next adventures. LOVE & kisses mum