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We just arrived in Manila where we spent 2 days hanging around the city, doing markets, eating the yummy local foods.

"Dedicace" for my workmates and watchmaker mates. Maybe they need our hand here cause it looks really basic.

This the local food michel ate, fried crabies and Balut (duck's embryo).

We travelled all the way to Palawan (south island of the Philippines) where we found some beautiful beaches, colourful corals and lots of fish. We spent 6 days in Port Barton, in a tiny nipa hut, very romantic... Michel chose this nice place to propose.


We're engaged and incredibly happy...

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Salut les zouzous...
Vous me faites réver... ce genre de photos que je ne pourrai jamais mettre sur mon site puisque je n'y suis pas (a moins de détourner Google, mais pas d'interet) me fait des frisson dans le dos... Je vous envie... et vous me manquez tellement...
Enjoy life because it's always too shortEnjoy your other half because without it you're nothingEnjoy memories because if not, you'll lose your soul
PEACE form da parisian Bro... Cheers,
my 2 love,
you both look super, and seems to have a lot of fun, and the food!!!yummy.Hope the rest of your trip will be always as good. kissesssssmum